Complaints procedure


Warburton Parish Council is committed to serve the residents of the Parish in a fair and equitable manner.

The aim of this policy is to establish a framework by which all formal complaints may be dealt with promptly in an impartial manner, and to find a solution which is satisfactory to both the claimant(s) and the council.

Parish Councils, as corporate bodies, are not subject to the jurisdiction of the Local Government Ombudsman, and there are no provisions for another body to which complaints can be referred. It is in both the Council's interest as well as that of the local community that all complaints are taken seriously and dealt with speedily.

This policy only covers complaints raised about the conduct of the Parish Council as a corporate body, and does not cover complaints that may be raised against any individual Parish Councillor. Any complaints of that nature should be directed towards Trafford ( see

Definition of a Complaint

The Complaints Procedure will be adopted for dealing with complaints about the Council's administration or its procedures.

The Council receives queries, problems and comments as part of its day to day running, and it is not appropriate for every comment to be treated as a formal complaint. Every effort will be made to deal with these problems immediately, either by providing information; instigating the appropriate action or explaining a decision.

Complaints about a Policy Decision made by the Council will be referred back to the Council for re-consideration.

A Complaint is a specific expression of dissatisfaction by one or more members of the public about the Council's action or lack of action.

All complaints will be deemed to be informal complaints unless a written complaint states that it is a formal complaint.

Anonymous complaints will be deemed to be informal complaints.