An Introduction to the History of Carrington Village

Carrington is a small village to the west of Manchester in the Metropolitan Borough of Trafford, there have been residents in Carrington village since 1834.

Originally built for the farm labourers who worked on the surrounding farms and the Stamford Estate, the village over the years has grown and the housing improved however some of the original architecture has survived.

Our village church (St.Georges) has just been refurbished by the Church of England Trust and the old school house has been given a new lease of life as refurbished offices undertaken by a local company.

After the war years Carrington saw an influx of major companies into the area, the giant petrochemical company Shell built a large processing plant, the Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB) constructed the now de-commissioned power station and British Gas (now Transco) built the Partington Gas Depot.

Employment in Carrington during those years was at a peak however  recent years have seen a decline with the closing or updating (and consequent automation) of these facilities.

By contrast Shell opened it's Business Park with many small businesses taking over the vacant office spaces and hence providing some employment within the area.

Other companies (Basell and Nova) have taken over sections of the  Petrochemical production or in some cases amalgamated with Shell.

Recently Carrington has become the second home to some of Manchester's premier Football Clubs as Manchester United built their new training academy here and historical rivals Manchester City took over the Universities Sports Complex to develop a similar academy training ground.

With all this emphasis on recreational activities the Parish Council are developing their own project to provide local residents (and as we call them 'temporary' residents - those who work here) with recreational facilities they can use.